Curve it Up – Block 7 – Log Cabin

Check out this old block with a new twist!


If you can believe what is on the internet (ever) then you might know that the log cabin quilt dates back further than the pioneer days in the United States.  Supposedly, similar designs were found…

Source: Curve it Up – Block 7 – Log Cabin


Free Motion Quilting Tools

I’ve added 2 great free motion quilting products to my Etsy shop. I have used them both and find them very good products for free motion quilting on any sewing machine, although I’ve only tried them on my treadle sewing machines 🙂

The first are Grip & Stitch quilting disks.


These work great and are a great alternative to wearing quilting gloves. I find it cumbersome sometimes to take the gloves off and on to do things that require my bear fingers, like clipping threads and such. There are 2 sizes of disks in the package and the smaller one is for your right hand (under the arm of the machine) and the larger one is for the left hand. These disks grip the quilt nicely and you use them to move the item you are quilting around. I have made a demonstration video of these here.

The other new item is  Machingers quilting gloves.


Of the different types of quilting gloves these are my favorite. They are very lightweight and fit your hand very well. The tips of each finger have a rubber grip for moving the item you are free motion quilting around.

You can find either of these on my Shop page of this blog or at my Etsy Shop.

Free Motion Quilting at the Moon Lake Threshing Bee

This year (2013) at the 29th Anual Moon Lake Threshing Bee in Turtle Lake, WI I was able to demonstrate free-motion quilting on my 1889 Singer VS2 treadle with my low-shank darning foot and a set of Stitch & Grip quilting discs by Clever Craft Tools.

Watch demonstration video here.

To check out the Stitch & Grip discs click here.

It was a blast and many folks were interested in seeing the treadle and hand-crank sewing machines. 🙂

Great Free-Motion Quilting Tool

I have found a great new product for free-motion quilting. Grip & Stitch quilting disks.

I tried them to compare them with quilting gloves. I found that I liked them better for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is much less cumbersome not having to take the gloves off and on for snipping threads and other things you can’t do with the gloves on. The second is that I found that my hands don’t get as fatigued with the discs.

As you know I use a treadle sewing machine for all my free-motion quilting and they worked very well. They are made by Clever Craft Tools.

To see my demonstration check out this video. Enjoy!

Grip & Stitch

Wonderful Quilt Hangers

In my last post I showed you the Ikea curtain cable hanger that I used to display my quilted projects in my sewing room. My husband and I made a trip to the cities and I was able to get another curtain cable to replace the push pins.

I really love this item! Look at the difference.DSCF7062 DSCF7061

I can easily take them down and put up different things as well as even use the area as a design board. I have the fabric you put up that your quilted pieces will cling to  so that you can preview what your quilt might look like. Very functional indeed 😀

New Sewing Space

I finally got my new sewing space up and running. I found some nifty “curtain” hangers at Ikea and thought they would be perfect for hanging quilts…and they are great! I also used some push pins too (maybe I need one more cable hanger to replace them).

Now it looks like a sewing studio 😀

DSCF7035 DSCF7039 DSCF7042 DSCF7044

Corner Cutter Tool for Making Flying Geese Quilt Blocks

Found a great new tool!

Make fast flying geese the no-waste way with the Corner Cutter Ruler.  Complete and easy to follow directions are included to make 4 flying geese at one time.  This ruler works for ALL sizes of flying geese.  Package also includes fun project ideas.

You can find them on my Etsy Shop 🙂

corner cutter1 Basic RGB