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Free Motion Quilting Tools

I’ve added 2 great free motion quilting products to my Etsy shop. I have used them both and find them very good products for free motion quilting on any sewing machine, although I’ve only tried them on my treadle sewing machines đŸ™‚

The first are Grip & Stitch quilting disks.


These work great and are a great alternative to wearing quilting gloves. I find it cumbersome sometimes to take the gloves off and on to do things that require my bear fingers, like clipping threads and such. There are 2 sizes of disks in the package and the smaller one is for your right hand (under the arm of the machine) and the larger one is for the left hand. These disks grip the quilt nicely and you use them to move the item you are quilting around. I have made a demonstration video of these here.

The other new item is  Machingers quilting gloves.


Of the different types of quilting gloves these are my favorite. They are very lightweight and fit your hand very well. The tips of each finger have a rubber grip for moving the item you are free motion quilting around.

You can find either of these on my Shop page of this blog or at my Etsy Shop.