You Don’t Have to be Mechanically Inclined.

Today I was finally squeezing in some time for working on my scrappy hexagon block quilt. I opened a machine I hadn’t used in awhile, my Domestic ~ boy she really sews like a dream.


As I was sewing the strips together my pitman fell off! If you don’t know what a pitman is on a treadle, it’s the rod that connects the foot pedal to the large flywheel underneath the machine. No pitman, no sewing.


There was 1 nut on the floor but to my surprise both nuts were missing. The top part of the pittman wasn’t going to fall off because the “skirt catcher” (fancy metal semicircular part that kept ladies skirts from becoming caught in the wheel) was in the way, but there was a lot of play in it. I took the bolt to my husband’s work area.
Unfortunately the old bolts have a different threading pattern and do not work with new nuts. Sitting there on his bench was a black plastic wire nut that fit perfectly.  Upon trying it on the top part of the pitman, it was too long to fit in the space. I didnt want to use it at the bottom because that part takes a lot of torque when treadling. I got the bright idea to cut it in half, partly with the hacksaw and partly wih snips, and…whalla, it works.
Feeling accomplished and now back to sewing 😀


6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to be Mechanically Inclined.

  1. Great post! I have been using my treadle lately and they are the best. Love them. so beautifully made. and so easy to maintain. I enjoy your blog!
    I have to do a similar repair on my spinning wheel.
    Thanks! Gwen

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