Sunday Afternoon Project

Today after arriving home from church and our monthly Souper Sunday lunch (can you guess what they serve?) I didn’t really feel like working on an existing project but wanted to “make something.” You know, a small project you can finish in a few hours and be done, feel accomplished.
I found what I was looking for and got started. I was able to use 2 fabrics I bought with some of my favorite items printed on but didn’t know what to do with. I made my first Reversible Bag. I think it will be the first of many. šŸ™‚


Books, books, books!


Antique sewing machines

Books and antique sewing machines! I found the pattern online here
Fun and easy.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Project

  1. I’ve always loved this retro/’70s pattern. I many of these, years ago, from salvaged men’s suits from the Goodwill/Salvation Army. Brings back many fond memories!!!!!!! Nice job….I really like it!!!!

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