Free Motion Treadle

A number of years ago I came upon a Singer 31-15 at a garage sale. This machine is industrial size and was used in dressmaker factories with a motor that was able to stitch 2200 stitches per minute. Since all I had and used were treadles, that motor had to go.ย  I found the parts I needed and excitedly converted it to a treadle. Because it is an industrial size machine the arm on it is extra long so it has more room to fit a quilt under it while quilting.


I was, however, having some trouble with the tension after awhile. I finally figured out that the bobbin casing tension screw would back out on its own and the tension would be really messed up. Now that I know that I can check and tighten it each time I change a bobbin. I wanted to tear my hair out about it before I finally realized what was happening.
Nice even stitches again ๐Ÿ™‚




6 thoughts on “Free Motion Treadle

  1. Wow! I just watched the video!!! I’m impressed. It….and you……do a great job. The machine is perfect for the task. I am not familiar with that model and think it would be just the thing for FMQ……..the power(more heavy duty/industrial) and extended arm gives much flexibility. Even with the conversion, I imagine that its “workings” surpass the domestic version.

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