More Fun With Hexagons

I wanted to show you how to do the hexagon quilt. It’s really a fun pattern!

Since I’m making mine in blues and greens I have cut my 2-1/2 inch strips. You need 1-1/2 the full length of the fabric for a set of hexagons (so one strip about 44 inches and the other around 22 inches). I have chosen my sets of three and then I sew them together.DSCF7390

Now I iron them and mark the triangle on each strip. You use an equilateral triangle (all sides equal length). Then cut the strips. You will get enough triangles to make 2 hexagons.DSCF7391DSCF7393DSCF7394

You then sew 3 matching triangles together, matching seams, to get half your hexagon. When ready you will sew the halves of the hexagons together into strips.DSCF7395DSCF7398


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