Perfect Piecing Seam Guide

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite quilting tools – the Perfect Piecing Seam Guide.DSCF6748

This little ruler allows me to ALWAYS have the exact same 1/4-inch seam, necessary for quilting, on any machine I decide to use. It’s very simple and extremely easy to use. There is a small hole on the 1/4-inch line in which you lower your sewing machine needle into.DSCF6750

You then line up your magnetic seam guide along the edge of the ruler.DSCF6751

There you have your perfect 1/4-inch seam. As many of you know, small variances in the seam can make a big difference in the end and this handy tool can help you keep it all even. 😀DSCF6752

I have these for sale on my Etsy Shop (click here).Seam Guide


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