Art Quilts

My husband and youngest daughter, Jessica, are going on a missions trip to Mexico next month. They are doing fundraisers for the trip. One of the fundraisers is a bake/craft sale at a local bank and Jessica & I each made an art quilt to sell. Our wonderful friend and neighbor, Carol, gave us instructions and materials and we were privileged to make them at her place last week. Today we put on the embellishments to add a few sparkles.

The first thing we did was to pick out a background fabric. We were to choose something with a lot of character, no plain cotton here. I chose a slightly fuzzy taupe stretchy fabric and Jess chose a black slinky furry fabric.

Next we got to peruse Carol’s accucut dies and choose what the theme or motif would be for our art project. My daughter chose a beautiful jumping stag and a matching swirly design and stars. I chose a cute little owl and leaves of different kinds. We cut these out of different colors of felt fabric. I had to use a bit of glue to hold the pieces of the owl into place.DSCF6627DSCF6628DSCF6623DSCF6625

The next thing was to decide how to set them in the quilt and what other things we would like to put around them. I chose a black eyelash type yarn and it turned out to be the tree the owl was perched on. Five silk flowers then were added for some color. Jessica also picked out some eyelash style yarn in shiny blue and gray.

Next we put them each on a piece of muslin for the backing and then, this is the strange part, we covered each with a piece of black tule. Then we pinned the loose items in place.

We carefully took them home and I quilted them, first free motion quilting directly around each piece to hold it into place and then doing some free motion background filler. I also did a little quilting on my owl as he needed some feathers and gave the leaves some veins.  Finally we chose a matching binding and finished them off.

Back to Carol’s for the final embellishments, crystals. We used heat bond crystals to give the wallhangings the final touch.DSCF6626DSCF6622DSCF6629DSCF6630


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