Free Motion Quilting a Continuous Line Design

I have been branching out in my free motion quilting, trying to get away from stippling or meandering so much. There are so many ideas and the choices are limitless!

Continuous Line Quilting Designs




I purchased this book for inspiration and ideas. It has many beautiful designs in it. When I choose the design I wanted I then photo copied it on paper. I also traced it on finer, tracing paper to use on the quilt piece itself.



Two copies of the design


The piece on regular paper was to practice on with no thread in the machine so I could get the continuous line practice and motion to be familiar with it before I actually did it on the piece. The tracing paper was to actually pin down on the area where I wanted the design. The book suggested you put the design on the quilt before you put the pieces together but I had already sandwiched my piece, a table topper.

Practicing without thread on the copy

Sewing the design over the tracing paper after pinning it to the quilt

The pattern was fun to do and easy to follow the lines on the paper.

If I was going to do many of these on a quilt I would have made a stencil and then transfer it to your quilt. I was only doing one block so I chose to just quilt on the tracing paper.

Gently peel the paper off and use tweezers to get the small pieces

I then gently and slowly peeled the paper off and, with the aid of sewing tweezers removed the rest of the paper. It wasn’t difficult and only a few small pieces remained to really tweeze out.

The finished design

I liked how it turned out.

Finished table topper

I used little curly designs in the small blocks and meandered around the rest. 😀




2 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting a Continuous Line Design

  1. Hello! I’d love to feature your tutorial in a blog post I’m writing. Could I have permission feature one photo and link back to your post? Thanks!

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