New Muller 12 Toy Handcrank

I got another toy handcrank, a German-made Muller 12. The gentleman I bought if from said he didn’t know if it would work. It would sew a chain stitch if I could get it working.

I cleaned and oiled it up and found that it needed a special needle, which I ordered off of the internet, a 24×1. I was so excited when I got the needles in the mail! However, I had a problem; when I tried to take the old needle out it could not come out and then it broke as I was trying to get it out. It had broken just below the shoulder, so I still had something to grab onto with the pliers, luckily. I had to finally soak the needle bar in some liquid wrench and that did it…the little bugger finally came out.

Upon trying the new needle though, I had troubles as well. The set screw that held the needle in just wouldn’t hold the needle in. Then something awful happened…the set screw split right in half! Ahhhhhh, I thought.

A friend of mine at church is a machinist and he told me he could retap the screw hole and give me a new set screw, so I gave him the needle bar. I was very relieved that he could fix  it for me. I put it all back together and it does sew. It is so exciting when that happens!

Muller 12 front view


Muller 12 back view

I’m not totally sure if I have it threaded correctly, but it sews, so it must be close. It is easy to crank and it works! 😀



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