Free-Motion Quilting a Signature Quilt

I had the privilege to free-motion quilt a queen-size quilt for a friend’s sister’s wedding. She had never made a quilt before and was able to make it with instructions I sent her through email. I was impressed. I thought of the easiest one I could.

She used purchased jelly rolls and only had to cut the off-white fabric strips. A jelly roll is a set of pre-cut strips that are all coordinating fabrics and rolled up and tied and sold together. I told her about the “rail fence” quilt block design and found a video and instructions to send her. She worked up the top and bought batting and backing for it.

It took me a day and a half to baste it, in sections, and then it was ready to free-motion quilt on my 31-15 Singer treadle.

When quilting something so large, I have to make sure I have the quilt completely supported all around so that it does not pull at all while it is being quilted. I set up tables around my machine to rest the quilt on and support it. I then start in the middle and begin working out to an edge and then repeat that all around.

Since this was a signature quilt, I made sure to quilt around the off white pieces because that is where the signatures were going to go. This would be done at the wedding reception. I was able to finish it in time for the wedding. (I had my doubts!) 😀


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