Charms – Easy Baby Quilt

My latest finished project (YAY!) is a baby girl quilt I made with charms from a pack I had purchased. These “charm packs” are available at quilt shops and online. They are precut squares that are 5-inches squared and cut of coordinating fabrics. They are handy if your stash of fabrics at home isn’t necessarily coordinating. You can buy them on sale too.

Charm baby girl quilt



I made 4-patch blocks using light/dark or light/solid. I then laid them out on a table to find the best setting. Then I framed it in white and found the bright pink binding. I used some Thinsulate batting I had, so it is plush and should be warm. I also used white sheeting for the back.



I then decided to use a block-based, free-motion style quilting in each 4-patch block that rotated around the center of the block and is continuous within each block.

Quilting – front





The “flower” quilting from the front.



Quilting – back





The “flower” quilting from the back, all radiating from the center.




This is a fun and easy way to free-motion quilt. I found it in a book by Eva A. Larkin.


You can get many ideas for quilting from your local library and on the internet. 😀


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