How To Free Motion Quilt on the Treadle

I wanted to touch a little deeper on free motion quilting on your treadle sewing machine. It is very rewarding to be able to quilt your own projects. With a bit of practice, anyone is capable of doing it.

Really the only prerequisite for free motion quilting on your very own treadle sewing machine is that you have a foot that will allow you to do that. As stated previously, if you have a Singer, then you can purchase a foot which is called a darning foot, embroidery foot or free motion foot. If you don’t have a Singer treadle then you will have to do a bit of research on the web to find out if there is a foot that will fit your machine.

This special foot has a spring in it and every time the sewing machine needle goes up out of the fabric, the foot is raised completely off of the fabric, thus allowing you to move (free motion) the item you are quilting.

You do NOT have to worry about your feed dogs being covered OR worry about setting your stitch length to zero. I have never had a problem with either. Just leave those things in place because they have nothing to do with your free motion quilting. Since the foot comes completely off of the fabric, the feed dogs will have nothing to grab. It’s just that simple.

So you will start with your layered and basted or pinned piece and get ready to quilt. I do suggest you practice for awhile first before attempting to quilt something that matters. Also you will need to make sure your tension is adjusted properly on that practice piece because tension changes with differing thread types you may choose to use.

Another thing you should have is quilting gloves. These help you grip the material and move it around under the needle as you quilt. There are different styles of gloves so use what is most comfortable. You may also use cotton gloves for gardening (less costly) as long as they have the non slip “bumps” on them; that’s what does the gripping.

Watch my video.

Free motion treadling


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