Quilting with Triangle Scraps – Finishing the Piece

Tape backing down firmly


I chose my backing and batting and cut it a bit larger than my topper. On a small project like this you need to tape the backing down to secure it and, without stretching, gently pull and tape as you smooth it.

Lay batting over backing




Next lay the batting over the backing, smoothing it as you go so there are no wrinkles.

Position top over those, centered






I lay the topper over the backing and batting, making sure it is centered. Press if down with your hands starting from the center and going out to all the edges.

Pin, smoothing as you go




I basted it with pins. You can baste with thread or pins, whichever you prefer. Always start at the middle and work out to the edges, smoothing the piece as you go. It is now ready to be quilted.



Close up of quilting


I did free motion quilting on my Singer treadle.


If you want to do free motion quilting on your treadle you will have to have a special foot. It is called by many names: Free motion foot, Embroidery foot, darning foot. Most regular sized Singer machines use a low shank foot, so that is what you want to look for if you are going to purchase one. They are easy to obtain on may sites.

To see short video clip of free motion quilting click here.

After quilting, apply binding to back

After quilting the piece I apply binding to the back, matching raw edges of binding to raw edge of quilted piece. I then sew 1/4 inch from the edge all around. At the edges I use the 1/4 mitre technique. When you reach 1/4 from the end of a side you stop sewing, take your piece out and fold the corner in so the edge is now going down the new side. Pin in place. You then turn your piece and sew down the next side all around. There are a few different ways to join the ends.

Turn and sew binding down on front



You will then flip the piece over and sew the binding down on the front making your seam at the inner edge of the binding.

Finished table topper




Finished scrappy triangle table topper.


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