Quilting with Triangle Scraps

My wonderful mother-in-law gave me a little box of triangle scraps leftover from a quilt she made years ago. I have been using them for “leaders” and “enders” or what my quilt teacher coined “Fred threads.” There are many different names for these Fred threads, but whatever you call them they are a very helpful tool to use while sewing. These Fred threads are used to keep the sewing machine thread ends from knotting up before and after you finish sewing pieces together.

Before you begin sewing on a project you sew on the scrap first so your threads won’t get tangled up when you first begin to sew. They are also useful at the end because then the next time you sew the machine is ready. You don’t have to monkey around with those thread ends. I think it also saves thread because you don’t have to pull out a large amount of thread and hold it with your fingers before the next thing is stitched.

I used to just use a scrap of fabric folded to catch the thread. However, if you are a person that wants to always be getting things done, why not use another project as those thread catchers. That is what I did with the triangle scraps.

Triangle scraps

I would put two together and use them as my thread catchers. After I got a bunch sewn together I ironed them and trimmed them to make sure they were all of a uniform size, mine were 1.5 inches square.



Sewn, ironed and trimmed



After that I had fun laying them out. There are a multitude of different ways laying these out. By the way, these are called half-square triangles blocks. I decided I would make a small table topper and after deciding how I wanted them laid out I began stitching them together in rows and sewing those rows together.

Half-square triangle blocks pieced together



I then found some coordinating fabric and cut strips for my framing pieces and sewed them on around the outside edges, first the brown strips on top and bottom then the side strips. The mauve came next, first top and bottom, then sides.

Pieced half-square triangle top with borders



Now to find a backing and batting and baste it.

Scraps can be fun!



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